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Yoga is for Everyone

Yoga is for Everyone Yoga literally means ‘to join’ in Sanskrit. It focuses on bringing the body into harmony with the mind and spirit. Believe it or not but ‘Good Health’ is the supreme necessity in our lives today because if we are ill, we won’t be able to enjoy anything. And Yoga is one of the best means to maintain good health. Practicing Yoga can give you greater flexibility, boost body-confidence, improve blood flow, tone muscles, increase energy levels, release stress and calm the mind. Many of the Yoga poses are specifically designed to aid in detoxification of your body, even as they sculpt and stretch it. You can start by practicing Yoga and Meditation 5 to 10 minutes daily, and increase the time gradually. You will see positive results within six months and you will embark on the Yogapath that will change your life for good. Authored by Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma (M.D.), Yogapath is a comprehensive and interesting guide book on Yoga & Health. With 280 pages, 300 illustrations and a mix of Hindi and English, the book is meant for all age groups. You can grab your copy of Yogapath only for Rs 150/- (at discount) on amazon or call us at 9412582552, 9456036639.